More Features and New Plans

We hope that you are having a great 2013! Today, we have some exciting announcements to share with you. We’ve been very busy working on a lof of new features for Alternion that we think you’ll like. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

Enhanced User Profiles

We now import your public statistics from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr and Picasa (numbers of friends, subscribers, following and followers). We also import your personal information from these networks and categorize it in your profile ‘About’ section in ‘General Information’, ‘Work and Education’, ‘Personal Details’, and ‘Statistics’. All that allows you to make your Alternion profiles not only your personal lifestreams, but also your professional and personal ‘web resumes’.

Of course, you still have full control over sharing your private information with others. In your Settings you can manage who can see your updates (which include your ‘About’ information) from each of your connected services.

Much Faster Email Aggregation

As you know, you can connect all of your IMAP and POP email accounts on Alternion, and view and send all of your email messages. It has proved to be one of the most popular features on Alternion, but many of you have asked to make it work faster. We heard you and now your emails on Alternion load almost instantly!

You can also now see which of your emails have attachments. And we have almost completed Gmail connection via API, so you will soon be able to connect Gmail without entering your password on Alternion.

A Secured Connection

The security and privacy of your data is our main priority. In our continued commitment to security, we have added an HTTPS protocol to all the critical pages, such as Sign up, Log in, and Settings. It means that your browser on these pages will be using a secure HTTPS connection to communicate with the website and ensure that the data you send (such as your username, password, email addresses and settings) remain private.

More Contact Pages

You can now see complete profile pages of your contacts from other networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr and Picasa. It enables you to see all updates from each of your contacts in one place! You can also easily search and filter your contacts, send them direct messages on Alternion and Twitter, and more.

Facebook Pages

If you are an administrator of Facebook ‘fan’ pages you can now see all updates from all these page in your Alternion News Feed (your home page). Just choose a filter with an avatar of a particular Facebook page, and you can see and comment on all updates from your Facebook fans.

More Filters and Search Options

One of our major goals is to help you make your news feeds less cluttered and easily navigated. We have added more filters to your News Feed and Contacts section. We keep working on making Alternion your full address book, including your Facebook and Twitter lists, and many other improvements.

New Photo Uploader and Photo Pages

We have introduced major improvements to our photo uploader. You can now easily upload your photos to Alternion and share them, if you wish, to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Twitter.

We have also improved your photo pages and added a new Albums section with the albums of your friends and contacts from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Alternion.

Other Features and Improvements

We have introduced a ton of other large and small improvements, including better news and profile feeds, photo viewer with a fullscreen mode, photo pages for Alternion photos, better commenting, sharing and posting, recommendations for YouTube videos, and many others.

We hope that these improvements will make Alternion even more valuable for you. In 2013 we’ll be adding many more cool features and we look forward to your feedback!