A Ton of New Stuff

Since our public launch five months ago, we've been rolling out a steady stream of enhancements. Spring is in the air, and we’d like to share some new cool features since our last update.

New Services and Enhanced Integration

We have launched integration with LinkedIn, which was one of the most popular requests. You can now see on Alternion all the news from your LinkedIn contacts as well as your own updates. We import and automatically update all of your LinkedIn contacts, which you can now combine with your friends and subscriptions from other services, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa. We also import your LinkedIn profile information, so you can create your ‘social resume’ by combining it with your ‘About’ information from other services.

Our Twitter integration has been enhanced with the ability to manage direct messages. You can see on Alternion all your Twitter messages and send new ones. We now also import your Twitter favorites and retweets. Editable retweets or “quote tweets” has been another desired feature, which is now available.

Have you visited our Explore Videos sections with the most popular YouTube videos? Not only can you browse and filter trending videos from all around the world, but you can now also search all YouTube videos, as well as videos from a particular channel.

Detailed Contact Pages

If you’re tired of checking your contacts on many different networks, our Contacts People section is here to help. You can now see full profile pages of your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and Picasa. They include the latest updates of each contact, their most recent profile information, photos, albums and videos. You can filter your contacts by service and by your lists on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re continuing to work on further enhancements to this section following our vision of making it your full-featured social address book.

Facebook Fan Pages

Another very popular request was support for Facebook pages. We heard you and we have added them! When you connect Facebook on Alternion we now automatically connect all your Facebook pages too (privately, of course). You can view their timelines, and you can comment, like, delete, and post new updates from any Page. You can manage an unlimited number of Facebook Pages, even together with other admins managing the same page. And yes, all that is free!

New Photo Viewer

It's now easier than ever to browse and view photos on Alternion. In the past, when you clicked on a photo, you were taken to a new page to view it, losing your place in an endless scroll of photos of your friends and contacts from Facebook, Flickr or Picasa. Now, clicking on a photo opens a lightbox where you can see photos in large size, with detailed info and comments. To go back to exactly where you were, just click outside the lightbox or press the ‘Esc’ key.

Our new photo viewer also allows you to easily browse between different photos (you can expand or hide a line of photo previews) or go to a full screen view, so you can sit back and enjoy a gallery of large photos on a black background. To browse between photos you can also use the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ keys.

These features are available on all pages with photos, including your News Feed and Profile, as well as Contacts Photos and Explore Photos sections. If you’d like to go to a detailed photo page with a separate URL and share a photo with others, you can do it by clicking the “Photo page” icon on the photo in the lightbox.

Even More

We have also introduced many other features and tweaks. Some of the most newsworthy changes include:
- More convenient posting to other services, including the ability to select default accounts for your future posts. If you setup your default accounts, you will still be able to change them for each individual post.
- General optimization and speed enhancements. Our traffic growth has allowed us to identify a few spots which required attention, and we have made a number of back-end improvements to increase the speed and improve scalability. And we’ve never had any downtime, which confirms that our efforts in building a scalable platform have been paying off.
- We’ve added support for several more services, including Instagram, Pinterest and Pinboard. Even more services are coming, as one of our goals is to enable you to stay connected with all your social circles.
- Hundreds of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

We’re excited for you to check these features out and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

What’s next? Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but be prepared for a major upgrade in the Alternion design and functionality... We’ve been working on that for quite some time already, and we’re hoping to release it very soon. Stay tuned!