Alternion 2.0

With a great pleasure we introduce today our brand new and improved version. It’s our biggest upgrade since the beta launch, and we’re excited to release it to the public. Welcome to Alternion 2.0, your social hub and communication center!

We’ve put a lot of efforts in our new version, but we’re just getting started. There are plenty of features in the new version, which we have not released yet. We’ll be gradually adding them during the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible experience in social aggregation and management of all your social web and emails.

New Layout

We’ve introduced a new justified layout for all updates, photos and videos from your streams. We’ve combined it with the responsive design which adjusts the layout to your entire screen for your best viewing experience. If you prefer a more traditional layout, you can switch to ‘medium’ or 'large' viewing options, as well as show or hide detailed information and comments.

Our robust filters allow to discover interesting content from your social feeds. Now we’ve made them even more accessible and convenient, so you can filter updates, photos and videos from your different networks easier and more efficient. We’ve also improved our header navigation, as well as the navigation in our Photos, Videos, Contacts and Messages sections.

New User Profiles

Alternion is not only your personal social hub and communication center, but also a social network and a discovery center. You can browse and search Alternion users who like the same thing you do, and follow them to see all of their public updates in your combined news feed along with the updates from your contacts from other networks. Therefore, we have put a lot of efforts in the improving user profiles as well.

We’re releasing today new user profiles which follow the same interface principles as the other improvements in our new version, and feature improved navigation for your streams from other networks. You can bring your entire web presence to Alternion, manage your online identity, and make your profiles your personal lifestreams. You can easily filter your updates by types and service, change the layout, comment, retweet, reply, and much more. We’re finalising some additional enhancements in the user profiles and will release them in the coming weeks.

We’ve also made improvements in the user interface on all other pages. Alternion is packed with a plenty of features, so our goal has been to make your navigation as easy and convenient as possible.

You can see more screenshots and descriptions of the new pages and features on our new About page.

Live Updates

Automatic refresh of the news feed has been among our most requested features. We heard you and we’ve added live updates for your streams and emails. Now you don’t need to manually refresh your news feed or messages to get the new stuff. We download all updates in the background every 15 minutes and push them instantly to your pages.

In addition to that, we now import and update numbers of likes, comments, shares and retweets for the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ posts. We’ve also introduced live notifications, so you can stay alerted on any page and easily navigate to your new updates and messages.


Many users have asked us to integrate with Google+. Now we bring all of your updates from Google+, as well as your +1’s and shares. Google+ API doesn’t allow to import your news feed or your circles, only your profile feed and profile information, so we’ve tried to make the best from what is available from Google+ for third services.

Inline Images in Twitter News Feed

Our goal has also been to enrich your viewing experience. One of the features that we introduce today is inline images in your Twitter news feed. You can now see photos and videos directly in your Twitter streams, as well as open them in large size in a light box, play videos, retweet, and much more. You can also filter your Twitter news feed to see photos, videos, and links from the people you follow on Twitter.

Light Box

When you click any photo or video, you will see a ‘popup’ or ‘light box’ with this photo or video, detailed info, statistics, comments, and more. You can comment on the photo or video, as well as retweet, reply and favorite, and all these actions will be posted to the respective service.

You can change background of a light box by clicking a grey circle in the bottom left corner of your screen. Or you can sit back and enjoy a gallery of full screen photos on a black background, and choose to show or hide photo previews.

These are just a few of the improvements and features in our new version. We’re excited for you to check our new site and we look forward to hearing your feedback!