And We’re Live!

After six months in private beta, we’re happy to announce that Alternion is now live and open for everybody! You don’t need a beta invite anymore, which means no more wait, just a simple sign up or even simpler sign in with one click via Facebook or Twitter.

With Alternion you can bring all your social web and email to one place. You can connect your profiles from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and any of 220+ other services. You can connect your email accounts from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL and any other IMAP or POP account. Not only can Alternion be your personal aggregation center, but you can also view and comment on updates, photos and videos of your contacts from other networks. We are building Alternion as your ultimate communication center, social address book and much more.

Many of you have asked when you’ll be able to share your Alternion profile with your friends on other networks. The answer is - right now! On your Alternion profile you can collect all of your updates and content from other networks, and share them with your friends from anywhere. Don’t want to share too much? No problem! On Alternion you have full control over your privacy, so you can choose to open as much or as little of your online identity as you wish.

What’s also very cool is that if you’ve connected your Facebook or Twitter accounts to Alternion previously, you can now sign in to your Alternion profile with one click via Facebook and Twitter Connect buttons. (Of course, you still have the option to sign in with your Alternion username and password). If you haven’t connected Facebook or Twitter yet, give it a try to make your future logins to Alternion easier.

We look forward to the very exciting times ahead. We’re very grateful to all of you who gave feedback, spread the word about Alternion on social networks and blogs, or simply used our site and helped us understand what’s working and what’s not. We’ve listened to all your suggestions and will continue to do so.

We’re also excited to announce several new features with our public release.

1. Your “Social Resume”

One of the most requested features was ability to export your profile information (your ‘About’ section) from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Naturally, not everybody wants to write about themselves over and over again on different networks, let alone keep those bits of information in sync. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. When you connect either of these services to Alternion, we export all of your profile information from these services to your Alternion Profile page.

If you make changes in your ‘About’ sections on other sites, we’ll export these updates to Alternion. And as with all other updates and content on our site, you can filter profile information by different services.

We’re working hard on connecting LinkedIn, so you’ll soon be able to add your professional resume, too.

Of course, your privacy settings will apply to your profile information as well. For example, if you choose to show your Facebook updates only to the people you follow on Alternion, or even keep them private, the same settings will apply to your profile information from Facebook.

2. Creating and Editing Facebook and Twitter Lists

Your already had the ability to aggregate all of your Facebook and Twitter lists on Alternion, including updates and contacts from these lists. Now you can also create and edit or delete your Facebook and Twitter lists directly on Alternion. To do that, simply go to Contacts People section, choose Facebook or Twitter in the left menu, and you’ll be able to edit your existing lists as well as to create and manage new ones.

3. Explore Photos

Another very cool feature is our new Explore Photos section. We hope that Alternion will become not only your social and email aggregator, but also your content discovery tool. We started earlier with the Explore Videos section, featuring the best videos from YouTube (most viewed, most popular, most liked...) and the ability to filter these videos by category and date. You could also see what’s trending on YouTube in 25 countries around the globe, filter videos by channels, view channel info, and subscribe to YouTube channels, as well as watch all videos instantly.

Now we have added the Explore Photos section with photos from Flickr and Picasa. You can browse best photos, view all photos from a particular Flickr or Picasa user, or search photos by keywords, people, groups, tags and places. You can also view photos in different sizes, see detailed information from each photo, favorite photos and add comments.

Want to get more from Flickr on Alternion? Connect Flickr and you’ll be able to view and comment on photos of your Flickr contacts, import your own Flickr photos and sets and much more. We’re working on adding similar features for Picasa as well.

As always, we’re constantly working on improving Alternion and adding new features and services. Got a comment, complaint or a brilliant idea for our site? Leave a comment to this post or send it via our Contacts section.