Welcome to Alternion!

The web is becoming more fragmented every day with the numbers of user accounts, friends, followers, updates, photos, videos, blogs, email and instant messages increasing exponentially. Our goal is to help you put all these pieces together.

It’s been a very exiting journey to develop our vision from the first ideas and sketches that started over a year ago. Now we are ready to open the doors to our first beta users and we look forward to seeing you among them!

Alternion.com enables you to combine and manage all of your social accounts and emails. We are building a social communication center where you can easily stay in touch with your friends from other networks and access the latest updates.

So, how exactly does it work? Here is a brief glance of what you can do on Alternion:

View and comment your friend updates, photos and videos from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other networks.

Combine and manage all of your own social networking updates from 220+ services, and collect all your posts, photos, and videos in one place. With full control over your privacy settings, you can manage who can see your information and updates.

Connect any of your IMAP/POP email accounts, and collect and send all of your emails.

Automatically combine all of your contacts from other services and their latest updates in your ‘social address book’.

Connect multiple accounts, post to other services, follow other users and see their updates from all their networks, and much more.

You can read more in our sections About and Help.

And we're just getting started! There are many more exciting features in development, including deeper integration with many networks, so stay tuned. In this blog we'll be posting site development updates (unless we come up with something more entertaining) and will be happy to hear your comments and ideas. Also, please feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page, Twitter, via our customer support forum on GetSatisfaction, or simply by email.

Already tired of reading and ready for a test drive? Alternion.com is currently in private beta. We want to make sure that everything works smoothly for a relatively limited number of beta users before we open the site to everybody. If you don't have an access yet and are interested, please request an invite on our home page.

However, if you cannot wait and absolutely have to get the access now, we have a workaround for you :) "Like" us on Facebook and send us an email with your Facebook name. Then we won’t have a choice, but to email you an invite code right away...